The Southeast Industrial Development Association is an economic development agency that partners with the Tennessee Valley Authority and TVA power distributors to provide economic development services.

One of our most important assets as a region is our accessibility. Three interstates are prominent in our region with I-59 merging with I-24 and I-24 merging with I-75 and I-40 which runs east to west across the State of Tennessee. In addition, we have outstanding rail services as well as easy access to water transportation through Tennessee Valley Authority maintained waterways. This outstanding transportation access coupled with our outstanding regional benefits make the area an inviting destination for business location Our regional benefits include reliable energy at a competitive price, economic development incentives, access to a large and enthusiastic workforce, low interest loans, training services, and technical assistance.

Finally, although we cannot take credit for providing this benefit, our physical environment of mountains, forests, streams, lakes, and outstanding climate provide the basis for a quality of life that is unparalleled in the Southeast.