Clay County, NC


County Seat - Hayesville
Nearest MSA - Chattanooga, 110 Miles

2015 Est. - 10,703

Available Labor Force

Labor Force 4,040
Unemployment 220
Unemployment Rate 5.4%

Tax Structure

Property Tax $0.36 per $100
Local Business Tax 2% Gross Sales
Sales Tax (Local) 2.0%
Sales Tax (State) 4.0%
Income Tax:  
Personal 6.0%
Corporate 7.75%
Franchise Tax $1.50 per $100 of Certain Assets
Unemployment Tax  
(New Employers) .005% - 5.7%


Railroads  None
Highways:  US-64 Direct access (Adjacent)
Navigable Waterway: Nearest Port Facility - Wilmington, 341 miles
Air Service:  
Commercial Service Asheville Regional Airport, 77 miles
Runway Length, NA
GeneralAviation Andrews Airport
Runway Length, NA


Number of High Schools 1-Hayesville High School
Number of Colleges Serving Clay County  (2 & 4 year) 6-Southwestern Community College, Toccoa Falls College, Tri-County Community College, Western Carolina University, Young Harris College, Macon Early College

Health Care

Hospitals 1-Murphy Medical Center (191 beds)
Clinics 3-Hayesville Family Practice, Chatooga Family Practice, Clay County Famil Planning
Doctors 8
Dentists 6
Nursing Homes 3-Bridging the Gap Care, Inc., Clay County Care Center, Hayesville House LLC

Major Employers

Firm Name Product Total Employees Union Affiliation
Clay County School District Schools 168 None
County of Clay Construction 140 None
Phoenix Supported Living Inc. Facility Services 80 None
Advanced Digital Cable Inc. Manufacturing 55 None
John C Campbell Folk School School 48 None